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English Learner

The courses outlined are specifically tailored for English Learner (EL) students, aiming to develop English language proficiency, academic vocabulary, and essential background knowledge crucial for success across different content areas. These courses offer various credit options including Sequential Elective Credit and World Language Credit(s) that can count toward World Language credits.

ESOL Courses:

1. ESOL Environmental Science (Grades 9-10)- Designed for Level I and II English Learners to introduce them to vocabulary, concepts, systems, and processes of the natural world. Prepares students for Biology by building science literacy through inquiry, data collection, laboratory experiences, and field work.

2. ESOL English for Academic Purposes (Grades 9-12)- Focuses on developing reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills for Level I or II English Learners. Aims to enhance print literacy and build content knowledge aligning with language arts standards concurrently with grade-level English.

3. ESOL Algebra Readiness (Grades 9-12)- A course designed for ELP Level I and II students aiming to bridge essential number sense and computational proficiency to prepare for success in Algebra I. Students concurrently enroll in Algebra I.

4. Foundations of Literacy (Grades 9-12)- An elective offering intensive reading and mathematics instruction to ELs with significant gaps in their home language literacy. Focuses on essential literacy components like phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary development, and comprehension strategies.

5. Foundations of Mathematics (Grades 9-12)- Similar to Foundations of Literacy, this course aims to provide intensive mathematics instruction to ELs focusing on numeracy, computation, geometry, and algebraic reasoning skills.

6. English Language Development Concepts I, II, III, IV (Grades 9-12)- These courses cater to entering, emerging, developing, and expanding English learners respectively. They provide intensive instruction aligning with WIDA English language development standards, supporting content and academic language development across domains like language arts, math, science, and social studies.

All these courses are intricately designed to support English Learners at different proficiency levels, offering targeted instruction to enhance their language skills and academic readiness across various subjects.