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Health, Physical Education, and Driver Education Courses

The Physical Education curriculum is designed to promote health literacy and motivate students to engage in health-enhancing physical activities for a balanced, healthy life. It offers access to standards-based instruction that focuses on personal wellness and the impact of human movement on health and quality of life.

Courses Offered:

General Courses:

1. Health and Physical Education 9 (Grade 9) - Emphasizes participation in lifetime fitness activities related to personal wellness. Covers activities like badminton, volleyball, tennis, dance, soccer, among others. Health topics include alcohol, tobacco, drugs, mental health, safety, injury, and violence prevention.

2. **Health and Physical Education 10 (Grade 10) - Continues emphasis on lifetime fitness activities like archery, golf, bowling, and more. Includes classroom Driver’s Education and health instruction focusing on family life, wellness, and healthy living.

Elective Courses:

1. Strength and Body I (Grades 11-12) - Focuses on weight training and cardiovascular fitness, allowing students to design individual fitness routines and understand muscle groups and their exercises.

2. Strength and Body II (Grades 11-12) - Follows Strength and Body I, emphasizing weight training, cardiovascular fitness, and understanding the human body’s benefits from exercise.

3. Competitive Team Sports (Grades 11-12) - Provides higher-level game play in various team sports, coaching strategies, conditioning, and participation in tournaments.

4. Competitive Individual Sports (Grades 11-12) - Offers higher-level competition in individual sports, coaching, conditioning, and participation in individual sports competitions.

5. Sports Medicine I (Grades 10-11) - Introduction to athletic training and sports medicine, covering anatomy, physiology, injury care, and taping techniques.

6. Sports Medicine II (Grades 11-12) - Focuses on applying knowledge gained in Sports Medicine I, providing hands-on experience in preventing, recognizing, and caring for athletic injuries under supervision.

7. Sport and Fitness for Life I (Grades 11-12) - Explores non-competitive wellness activities, lifetime sports, and competitive sports, including nutrition education, body composition, fitness technologies, and stress management.

8. Sport and Fitness for Life II (Grade 12) - A continuation of Sport and Fitness for Life I, offering advanced experiences in physical education, focusing on wellness activities and various sports.

These courses aim to enhance physical fitness, wellness, and knowledge of health-related topics, catering to various interests and promoting a healthy lifestyle.