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Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts courses offered at Stafford County Schools form an integral part of the "Fine and Practical Arts" graduation credit, providing students with a comprehensive and sequential curriculum. These courses aim to equip students not only with the skills and knowledge necessary for success within the classroom but also for practical application in the real world. Through theatre arts, students develop problem-solving abilities, make informed decisions, build self-confidence, express themselves creatively, and nurture social-emotional learning.

The curriculum focuses on various aspects of the artistic process, encompassing performing, presenting, producing, responding, and creating, while fostering an appreciation for different cultures and historical styles.

Theatre Arts Courses:

  • Theatre Arts I (Grades 9-12): An introductory survey course that explores dramatic literature, emphasizing skill development through performance and production.
  • Theatre Arts II (Grades 10-12): Building upon Theatre Arts I, students delve deeper into studying and responding to diverse theatre experiences, including dramatic literature and theatrical styles.
  • Theatre Arts III (Grades 11-12): Students deepen their understanding of theatre as an educational force, exploring acting styles and the playwriting process.
  • Theatre Arts IV (Grades 11-12 or audition by teacher): An exclusive performing and directing course where advanced performing and directing skills are refined through research, performance, and evaluation.

Technical Theatre Courses:

  • Technical Theatre I (Grades 9-12): An introduction to the technical aspects of theatre, covering scenic construction, lighting, sound, costuming, and makeup, focusing on backstage work.
  • Technical Theatre II (Grades 10-12): Utilizes knowledge from Technical Theatre I to assemble technical aspects for productions, including scenery, lighting, sound, and costumes.
  • Technical Theatre III (Grades 10-12): Students act as designers and production managers, overseeing the construction of various theatrical elements for productions.

These courses provide a holistic understanding of theatre arts, encompassing both performance and technical aspects. They offer students the opportunity to explore different facets of theatre, fostering creativity, teamwork, and practical skills essential for a career in the arts or related fields. Participation in school productions is encouraged and often expected as part of the coursework to apply and develop the skills learned in the classroom.